We are a family owned and operated business.
Project conceptualized in the idea of ​​an "incendiary and incendiary artist", developed since 2019 with different developments:
We are a family owned and operated business.
Inspired by PopArt, the project is a series production of matchboxes identified with the Artelux brand. The boxes were made available for sale in the exhibition space in 2019 (Apis Gallery, Distopias Exhibition) for the usual price of a match box. The public takes it home not as art, but as matches usable for their common everyday needs. At the same time that it proposes a political reflection on the system and its functioning, the project is a trigger for insurgencies and transformations internally within the system itself. In 2020, the project gained the format of urban projection in Largo da Carioca during the "Grito dos Excluded" and new versions discussing social exclusion and structural racism.
We are a family owned and operated business.
"Artelux cocktail", is a performance with a strong political nature in relation to Brazil today and the place of the artist, the action takes place in a kind of Molotov cocktail production workshop. The artist, while teaching the stages of product construction, uses the support of volunteers for manufacturing. Power, in the end, is in the hands of the public while the artist reads an “incendiary manifesto”. The idea of ​​fire, fire and molotov cocktail is a trigger for the reflection of our urgencies. It is a stimulus to confront current issues in Brazil, but not a stimulus to violence. The figure of the Molotov cocktail is a concept, a catalyzing symbol of revolt and transformation in the most appropriate ways - but not subject to hegemonic interests.
We are a family owned and operated business.
A forum created from a public call by Brunner in 2020, it is a space to encourage the development of collective proposals that make it possible to reevaluate relations in society, democracy and the city, by expanding the debate on how each is a part and takes part in the collective. That is, a space for exchange on political modes of organization, through a social sculpture. In this sense, the Forum gives way to artistic activity as a political form that aims to affect daily life and provides tools to perceive and judge a reality that imposes itself as a challenge.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Presented at the Satyrianas 2020 Festival, the novena of Nossa Senhora Incendiária arises from the artistic and social insurgency project Artelux as a proposal to use the catholic aesthetic of the novena to propose to the public a series of “performance prayers” formed by longings for a society with greater political-artistic-revolutionary clamor. The novena features the plastic / material image of the saint developed by the artist, Brunner, and printed on a 3D printer.