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Visual / multimedia artist, performer and cultural producer. He graduated in Social Communication at the Federal University of Uberlândia / University of Porto in 2014, one year before he started his artistic performance between the cities of Porto in Portugal and Uberlândia (MG) in which he developed the WC * project. Also in 2014, he went deeper into the field of photography, with research at the Multimedia Institute of Porto. Between 2014 and 2015 he worked artistically in Rio de Janeiro in spaces such as the house of free creation Catete92. In 2016, he started studies in contemporary art at the master's level at the University of São Paulo (USP) and joined the theater company Personal do Faroeste in São Paulo, where he assumed the production direction and artistic development of performance projects. During this period he produced shows such as "Curare" and "Solo Que Luzia" and "O Assassinato do Presidente", directed by Paulo Faria, also produced film clubs in Boca do Lixo (historical region of São Paulo cinema) and the carnival block Cordão do Triunfo (2017, 2018 and 2019). In 2017, he was a resident artist at Funarte SP / Ministry of Regional Culture São Paulo, developed the projects "As Éguas" and "Pesquisa Sobre Bananas", with an exhibition between October and November of the same year in the galleries of Funarte São Paulo. In the same year, he presented at the festival Satyrianas (São Paulo) the performances "Deriva da Luz Vermelha" and "Study About Bananas # 4. In 2018, the state of Santa Catarina circulated through the public notice Elisabete Anderle for the Young Artist from Santa Catarina project with financing workshops for art. contemporary and started the Performing Initiation Laboratories project in the Funarte São Paulo and Personal Theater of Faroeste spaces. This year also started the expanded video installation / cinema project "CineParayso". In October, she participated for the second time in the Satyrianas festival with the performance projects " Cheburashka "," Corpo Arte Artista Nulo "and" Território Ético ", within the collective project" Museu de Imagens ", with his direction. In 2019, in Buenos Aires (Argentina) he expanded the performance project" As Éguas "to" Las Yeguas "and, in São Paulo, he resumed the season of the“ Deriva da Luz Vermelha ”project in the months of February and March, with research and data curation at the Memorial da Resistência. In April of this year he presented the performance "Coquetel Artelux" at the Apis space in Rio de Janeiro and participated in the exhibition "Distopias" in the same space during the month of August also with the Artelux project. In August 2019 he integrated the program of the Heritage Day with the projects "Deriva da Luz Vermelha" and "Rolê" and in November he composed for the third time the program of the Satyrianas festival with the performance "Chedurashka 2". In January 2020, the “CineParayso” intervention / party took place in the Presidential space, in São Paulo, and in April it participated in the SPUrban festival with projections of the video art "CineParayso" in buildings in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. In May 2020 he founded the Artelux Artistic Forum with the proposal to discuss art and democracy and, even with the Artelux project, he was invited to carry out a projection in a building in Lgo da Carioca (RJ) as part of the program of the Cry of the Excluded. In October of the same year, he participated in the food activism campaign "Gente é Pra Brilhar Não Pra Morrer de Fome" with performance and projection supported by the NGO Greenpeace and, in November, he was invited to be one of the representatives of the project "As guys from Vila Buarque "in the partnership of artists Bia Ferrer and Priscilla Torelli with SESC Consolação.